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Steve Radley

President & CEO of NetWork Kansas

Creating Capital Access in Rural Communities – Lessons from NetWork Kansas

http://www.networkkansas.com/ Twitter: @SteveRadley3 Steve Radley is the President and CEO of the Kansas Center for Entrepreneurship DBA NetWork Kansas. Since the launch in March of 2006, the NetWork Kansas partner network has assisted more than 25,000 entrepreneurs making more than 50,000 referrals. NetWork Kansas has multiple loan programs and a venture fund that have provided loans and investments of more than $50 million to Kansas businesses with total leveraged capital exceeding $500 million. In 2007, NetWork launched the nationally recognized Entrepreneurship (E-) Community Partnership. There are now 66 E-Communities working to create stronger entrepreneurial ecosystems across Kansas. Steve has an MBA from Wichita State University, an MA in Christian Ministry from Friends University, and a BA in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma.

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