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Robert Stowell

Member of Valley County Community Foundation Fund

Growing Rural Entrepreneurial Ecosystems – Lessons from Tupelo MS to Ord NE

Robert D. Stowell was born in Ord, Nebraska, graduated high school in 1961, left home for education and military service, and returned to Ord in 1972 to practice law in his home community. In 2000, he drafted the first interlocal agreement between the City of Ord and the County of Valley in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Greater Loup Valley Activities, Inc. The interlocal agreement formed the Economic Development Board, which is the base organization from which many community progressive partnerships have evolved. From 1999-2008 Bob served on the Nebraska Community Foundation Board of Directors, which further fueled his passion for community development. Bob has pursued his passion for rural community development through service on numerous boards, including the Hospital Foundation, Valley County Economic Development Board, Valley County Community Foundation Fund, School Board, and Valley Performing Arts Theater, Inc. Board. Bob is thankful for his experiences gained while going to school in New York, serving in the military, working in Georgia, and then obtaining his law degree at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Law College. Although these experiences enriched his life, he and his wife, Jean, consider themselves blessed to have been able to return home to rural Nebraska to raise their family and engage in community activities.

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