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Kayla DeVault Wendt

Anishinaabe/Shawnee Public Health Researcher, Journalist, and Certified Engineer

Energy Visionaries

Kayla DeVault is an Anishinaabe/Shawnee public health researcher, journalist, and certified engineer. She has been a board member with the National Peace Academy, an AISES Sequoyah Fellow, a SustainUs COP22 delegate, and a co-author of the EPA’s first-ever report on climate and youth inclusion through the National Environmental Justice Advisory Council Climate Change Youth Working Group. She grew up in rural coal towns and the reservation: where protecting the integrity of the environment was a priority and yet extractive industry was one of the only means of employment. Kayla continues to work on public health and pandemic response issues in Indian Country and providing free education about Indian policy and history through Sovereign Stories videos and speaking engagements. Intersectionality and holistic thinking are her favorite topics and justify her diverse educational background.

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