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Darrick Borowski

Architect/Urbanist, Educator, Design Strategist for ARExA / SVA

Gathering In the Commons: Hosting Authentic Experiences in Rural Communities

Darrick is an architect, educator, design strategist and expat of the midwest. A fervent believer in the power of community and the potential of design and entrepreneurship to unlock this power, he has 20+ years of experience building teams, products, and places that reimagine existing architectural/urban typologies and transform systems to make communities more vibrant, equitable, and sustainable. As Co-Director at ARExA, Darrick uses applied design research to advance new modes of living and working in an increasingly urbanizing world. His collective Edible Infrastructures merges research into natural systems with computational design to explore the design of resilient food systems. Previously at WeWork, he led concepting and development on new products/business lines for leveraging the company’s growing platform for social & environmental impact. Darrick teaches design at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York and has lectured, taught, and served as guest critic at top schools of architecture and design, including The AA Pratt, Parsons, CCA, and Harvard GSD.

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