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Benita Wells

Chief Financial Officer at Southern Echo

Don’t Leave Rural America behind; Policy Changes needed for an Equitable Clean Energy Future

Benita Wells is the CFO of Southern Echo. Benita holds an M.S. in Accountancy, with a concentration in Taxation, and has over a decade’s worth of professional experience as an accountant and state auditor. In addition to her general duties as state auditor, Ms. Wells was responsible for training new auditors, most of which were recent college graduates. As a result of her work in both the private and public sectors, Ms. Wells has vast knowledge when it comes to accounting policies and compliance issues with a myriad of industries. She possesses expertise in financial research and analysis, financial legal interpretation, and in tracing the complicated paths of finances, funding, and expenditures. Ms. Wells is a former board member of the Millsaps Retention Advocates, an organization created to support minority students as they matriculate through their academic careers. In addition, Ms. Wells has become an advocate in the world of energy democracy. She enjoys working with and learning from community members. The foundation of her work is to educate, engage, and share best practice models to empower individuals to create self-sustainable communities for current and future generations.

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