Mission Statement

Radically Rural builds powerful networks of passionate, engaged, innovative people willing to share ideas and resources and take action to strengthen their rural communities across the country.

Upcoming Events:

May 22

Fibersheds & Community: Building a Community Movement for Local Fiber and Beyond

Join regional leaders in a discussion about Fibersheds at Stonewall Farm or virtually on May 22nd at 11am. This event is organized by Mary Ewell of Locally Dressed and sponsored by the Monadnock Food Co-op, Radically Rural, and Stonewall Farm. Speakers will include local and sustainable clothing experts from Western Massachusetts Fibershed, Bobolinks Yarns, Nothern New England Fibershedm and Vermont Fibershed. Registration is free.

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June 1

Open Mic Rural Story Hour

What is happening in rural right now?

Join us in an open mic rural story hour to find out. In true roundtable format, this discussion will be open for any and all concerns, struggles, successes, or models that you would like to share regarding your own rural community. Whether living or working rurally, we all have something to share to help make rural life more livable. By coming together, we can share what’s working and support our peers across the country who may be facing similar problems to our own. By sharing innovative ideas and making connections, we can equip rural communities all over with the tools they need to be successful and sustainable.

Each attendee that comes with struggles and success to share should expect to speak for about 3 minutes before the floor is opened to discussion. Whether you plan to speak or just come to listen, this roundtable will be a great opportunity to hear from rural folks of all kinds and to practice problem solving with fresh eyes and ears.

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